ICYMI: Jackie Walorski in Trouble Heading into Final Weeks of Election


INDIANAPOLIS – Now Hoosiers now know why Jackie Walorski has been dodging public debates against Lynn Coleman. She’s in trouble.

From negative television ads to national rankings moving the race in Coleman’s favor, Jackie Walorski is trying to avoid going public about her out-of-touch record in an attempt to save her own political career.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this column from the South Bend Tribune to read about Jackie Walorski’s campaign troubles.

Now, how about that political certainty? That certainty of re-election of Congresswoman Walorski, much better funded, much better known and much better situated in a Republican-flavored district in which she carried nine of the 10 counties last time?

Walorski isn’t defenseless, not with all the money she has for TV. She has begun hitting Democratic challenger Lynn Coleman with negative TV ads, no longer acting as though he isn’t there.” […]

St. Joseph County Democratic Chairman Jason Critchlow says Coleman can counter Walorski’s air game, all that TV, with a far superior ground game — workers knocking on doors, making calls, identifying potential supporters and getting them to the polls — thus enabling Coleman to take advantage of any anti-Trump tide and win.” […]

National experts in their ratings still list Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District as “likely” Republican, downgraded from “safe” for Walorski back in the summer.

Howie Politics Indiana lists the race as “leans Walorski,” but Brian Howey says in analysis that “a Trump-created tsunami could swamp Walorski.”

Voter enthusiasm and what Trump has done to it could be decisive.” […]

“… If he can do enough and Trump has done enough, the certainty of summer might not be so certain this November.”


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