ICYMI: Jim Banks Doesn’t Even Vote for Bipartisan Compromise


INDIANAPOLIS – 2024 U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Jim Banks didn’t show up to do his job by not voting on the bipartisan compromise to avoid default, and protect Social Security and Medicare. Earlier in the day, he announced he would vote against the bill, choosing default over deliberation. How can Hoosiers trust that Banks would show up to work as Senator?

“Jim Banks is seeking a promotion to the U.S. Senate and he can’t even do what he was sent to Washington to do: vote. Banks was MIA and he showed once again that he simply cannot be trusted by Hoosiers to protect Medicare and Social Security. We need leaders who can work across the aisle to develop solutions for working people and make decisions in times of crisis,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl.

“This is a bipartisan deal that protects healthcare and veterans’ benefits for countless Hoosiers; it keeps jobs safe and our economy stable. Jim Banks wanted America to not raise the debt ceiling, leading to a default that would have been catastrophic to the dollar, the markets, and Hoosiers.”

Democratic Reps. Frank Mrvan and André Carson voted for compromise and protected veterans’ healthcare benefits, Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, and Hoosier jobs from cuts and default.

This deal guarantees that Americans experience no changes to Medicaid and, as mentioned, fully funded medical care for veterans. In addition, this deal protects investments in clean energy and electric vehicle development that have created thousands of jobs in Indiana that Republicans originally wished to cut.

Read INDems’ release from yesterday evening on the debt ceiling bill.


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