ICYMI: Mike Pence Opposed the Auto Industry Bailout, Turned his Back on Hoosier Workers


INDIANAPOLIS – While trying to tout the state’s auto industry yesterday, Mike Pence forgot to share with Hoosiers that if it were up to him, factories would have closed, the auto industry would have tanked, and millions of Americans – including many Hoosiers – would have lost their jobs during the Great Recession.

“Mike Pence turned his back on Hoosier workers when they needed him the most – but now that the auto industry has roared back, he wants to take credit for it. Gov. Pence, you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Hoosiers have not forgotten that  Mike Pence put his ideology ahead of their well-being during the Great Recession, and they surely won’t give him credit now. Pence tried to talk through both sides of his mouth – but Hoosiers know better. The governor’s tone deaf political agenda is why Hoosiers can’t wait to #FireMikePence in November.”

SHOT: Pence Touts Indiana’s “Rich History” in the Auto Industry

Tweet by Mike Pence’s campaign account, 5.31.16
CHASER: Pence Said it’s a “Profound Mistake” to Bailout the Auto Industry

Pence: “It Would Be A Profound Mistake For The President To Open Up The Financial Services Bailout For Saving The Businesses In Detroit.”“CAVUTO: So, then, what do you think, then — I am sorry. We are in a crunch for time here. But what do you think, then, of the president, who negotiates with the Democratic leadership on what could be a $40 billion rescue; pretty much ignoring what you’re talking about; ignoring what some of your colleagues are talking about. How do you feel about that? PENCE: Well, I think it’s — I think it would be very disappointing, and I think it would be a profound mistake for the president to open up the financial services bailout for saving the businesses in Detroit.” [CEO Wire, 12/15/08]

Pence On Auto Industry Bailout Bill: “And I opposed and support the Senate’s decision to oppose this $14 billion that would go to Detroit” Pence appeared on Larry King Live to discuss the auto industry bailout bill, and said, “Well, Larry, there is no question I was in Indiana much of today, talking with automotive suppliers. We had a long tradition in the automotive business in the Hoosier State. There is a very real crisis. Congress is right to act. The president is right to act. But the American people know we can’t borrow and spend and bail our way back to a healthy automotive industry any more than a healthy economy. I heard a bit of Ben’s comments. And Charlie’s, of course. But, you know, I strongly opposed the $700 billion bailout. Thought it was wrong to take bad decisions on Wall Street and transfer them to Main Street. And I opposed and support the Senate’s decision to oppose this $14 billion that would go to Detroit without creating the circumstances under which those companies could legally reorganize their business plan. And it did nothing to deal with the credit crisis that will be ongoing in 2009.” [Larry King Live, CNN, 12/12/08]

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