ICYMI: President Joe Biden’s Jobs Act Set to Transform Indiana’s Electric Vehicle System across the State


IndyStar: Indiana releases draft plan for building out electric vehicle infrastructure

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated the brighter future President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (The Jobs Act) is creating for the Crossroads of America. This time, the state announced draft plans on how it would use the infrastructure law’s $100 million investment to expand the state’s electric vehicle (EV) system. The plans are set to transform the future of Indiana’s auto industry and families across the state, and the network will provide Hoosiers who own EVs numerous sites to “charge up” in their hometowns. 

The best part: The Jobs Act is expected to create good, union jobs and improve on the state’s F-rated quality of life for families. 

U.S. Congressmen André Carson and Frank Mrvan joined President Biden by voting “YES” on The Jobs Act last fall. Thanks to this once-in-a-generation law, investments on Indiana’s infrastructure systems will create union jobs for workers, expand the state’s EV charging network, and create a brighter future for Hoosiers in all 92 counties. This better tomorrow is made possible because Democrats delivered when it mattered most. 

In contrast, not one Indiana Republican in Congress supported The Jobs Act. Despite GOP U.S. Senator Rob Portman confirming this infrastructure law would combat inflation, Indiana Republicans like Todd Young voted “NO” – putting extremist politics ahead of the state’s future. 

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IndyStar: Indiana releases draft plan for building out electric vehicle infrastructure

“In February, the federal government came out with guidance on how states should plan for the rollout of electric vehicle infrastructure on the nation’s highways over the next five years.

It also gave them a directive: Figure out your plan in five months.

The Indiana Department of Transportation released its draft plan last week, which describes when, where and how it plans to deploy a network of electric vehicle charging stations capable of charging up cars in a matter of minutes ― and ensure this network is sustainable.

The work to prepare for this transition has been happening mostly in research settings up until the last year or two, when incoming federal dollars from President Joe Biden’s infrastructure law motivated stakeholders across industry, government and advocacy to start putting their heads together.” […]

“INDOT’s draft plan identifies possible locations for the rest of the charging stations to satisfy the 50-mile rule, as well as a goal of every Indiana resident living within 40 miles of a station. The locations also take into account the level of demand that already exists in certain places, as evidenced by traffic counts, whether drivers already stop there, electric vehicle adoption rates in the area; as well as the location’s proximity to key destinations and historically disadvantaged communities.

This map shows the preliminary locations of where electric vehicle charging stations may go in the next five years, as well as alternative locations in case there are utility issues with the preliminary locations.

They will be put throughout all of Indiana’s interstates, plus U.S. 31. About a dozen would be within Marion County. Soon, INDOT plans to nominate the U.S. 30 corridor for inclusion, too.

After the federal government certifies that Indiana’s highways are fully built out with infrastructure, Indiana will be able to use leftover money to install stations on other public roads.”


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