ICYMI: Report Confirms Tennessee Trey Ads Misleading Hoosiers in IN-09


INDIANAPOLIS – Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth was caught intentionally misleading Hoosiers in his television ads attacking Shelli Yoder. In fact, a recent news report confirmed all of Tennessee Trey’s attacks were completely false or stretching the truth.

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Red lights: Military cuts and socialist claim

Those claims both get red lights for the Hollingsworth team. There is absolutely nothing that suggests Shelli Yoder supports socialist government. The Hollingsworth team could provide none either and said it has no oversight of the Indiana Jobs Now PAC. But we have seen nothing from the Hollingsworth camp taking issue with the ad either. And on defense cuts that would make it harder to fight ISIS, again it’s a claim without direct facts.”

Green light: Trey Hollingsworth moved to Indiana last fall; father created Super Pac Indiana Jobs Now

“Trey Hollingsworth is a wealthy businessman who did in fact move from Tennessee to Indiana last fall. Based on records from the Federal Election Commission, Hollingsworth’s father, Joe, did in fact create the Super Pac Indiana Jobs Now. Joe Hollingsworth is the primary contributor to the PAC donating more than a million dollars. The Super PAC is behind the ad calling Yoder a socialist.

Shelli Yoder for Indiana gets a green light for that portion of her ad. The claim is heavily documented by official election records.”


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