ICYMI: School Officials Blast State Board Of Education’s “Political Agenda”


Since assuming office in 2013, Glenda Ritz has made an “education agenda” her top priority for Indiana’s schools

INDIANAPOLIS – While Republicans in the Statehouse continue to undermine Glenda Ritz and push ideology over Indiana’s well-being, local educators sent a clear message to members of the State Board of Education who insist on pursuing political agendas.

Hoosiers should look no further than these officials and Governor Mike Pence, who has used the majority of his time as governor to strip Superintendent Ritz’s roles as an elected official, create an entirely separate agency only to dissolve it after public outcry, and deny the state an $80 million grant that would have expanded Pre-K in Indiana. Hoosiers are fed up with this style of governing, and now this week, Mike Pence’s State Board of Education, led by Vice Chair Sarah O’Brien, traveled Indiana to further undermine the Indiana Department of Education’s efforts to ensure testing is done fairly and accurately.

At the same time, the Anderson Community Schools Board unanimously gave a vote of “no confidence” to the State Board of Education, joining other districts around the state who have expressed “anger and frustration” with the political agendas pursued by a body that should be squarely focused on the success of Hoosier children.

SHOT: SBOE members do statewide publicity stunt to politicize the ISTEP exam – Indy Star, 10.20.15

CHASER: “An entire school district gives a vote of “no confidence” in the Republican-controlled board’s ability to do its job” – Anderson Herald-Bulletin, 10.20.15

Excerpt from the Anderson Herald-Bulletin:

“At Tuesday night’s meeting, the school board unanimously approved a resolution that amounted to a vote of no confidence in the state board’s ability to do what’s right for Indiana’s children.

Several school districts, including Fort Wayne and Wayne Township Indianapolis, have already adopted resolutions expressing a mix of anger and frustration with how the high-stakes ISTEP test was administered this year, and the effect that will have on school grades and teacher evaluations.

ACS Superintendent Terry Thompson criticized the state board, lawmakers and Gov. Mike Pence for becoming so mired in political squabbles that testing became a debacle that hurt students and educators.

State Superintendent Glenda Ritz, on the other hand, continues to champion what is right with education in Indiana, Thompson said.”


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