ICYMI: Siegrist doesn’t work weekends…or in Sept…or in Oct


First-term GOP state rep goes to ridiculous lengths to duck debates

INDIANAPOLIS – Part of running for elected office is being accountable to the constituents you serve. For first-term State Representative Sally Siegrist, it appears she’s not interested in the ‘answering to Hoosier taxpayers’ portion of her job responsibilities.

FROM WLFI: Campbell challenges Rep. Siegrist to public debates

“Siegrist said she hasn’t been able to find time in her schedule and she can’t take time off from her legislative duties or serving her constituents, which makes her free-time limited.

“The League of Women Voters has been working with her for weeks to try to set up a date. We’re told she refused any days in October and denied six proposed days in September.

“I would like the opportunity to debate my opponent,” said Campbell. “I would like the voters to have a chance to ask us questions.”

“News 18 also offered to host a District 26 debate. Siegrist said she doesn’t want to do one on weekends and said October is out of the question. We asked her to let us know if any weekdays in September would work. We’re waiting to hear back.”

While the first-term state representative refuses to take questions from constituents in an open forum, WLFI’s b-roll underscores a rising trend among Indiana Republicans: they always have time for political donors but become surprisingly scarce when their constituents come calling. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody believed it’s what happens when Indiana Republicans, after nearly a decade in complete control, no longer feel they are accountable to Hoosier taxpayers.

“Rep. Siegrist will take time to meet with donors, but when it comes time to debate, her calendar is mysteriously booked,” said Zody. “Hoosier taxpayers deserve elected officials that show up for more than high-dollar campaign fundraisers, they deserve leaders that work for working Hoosiers.”


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