ICYMI: State Senator Scott Baldwin Invokes Tone-Deaf Partisanship Just Hours after Mass Shooting at Indianapolis’s FedEx Facility


In an email from his official office, former police officer Baldwin calls for passage of House Bill 1369 despite opposition from former colleagues in law enforcement

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out State Senator Scott Baldwin for invoking senseless and tone-deaf partisanship just hours after eight Hoosiers lost their lives due to a mass shooting at a Indianapolis FedEx facility. Senator Baldwin sent an email from his official office last Friday calling for the passage of House Bill 1369, which would dissolve the requirement for Hoosiers to attain a permit in order to carry firearms. House Bill 1369 has so far stalled in the Indiana General Assembly with Senate President Rodric Bray citing concerns with the legislation, because it could add hurdles for law enforcement and their ability to protect communities across Indiana. 

Senator Baldwin’s email also came on the eve of the third anniversary of the Noblesville West Middle School shooting on May 25, 2018. 

“Senator Baldwin’s email signifies an actively defiant will to ignore the voices of the citizens they are meant to represent — Republican and Democrats alike,” said Dayna Colbert, current Chair of the Hamilton County Democratic Party and constituent of Senator Baldwin. “Last week’s events invited leaders to respond to their citizens’ cries for change with pause, reevaluation, and redirection as our state faces a crisis; one which has the eyes of the nation upon it. Hoosiers deserve leaders who will take their concerns to the assembly floor and find reasonable resolution rather than out-of-the-mainstream agendas into law.”

“I’m disappointed that Senator Baldwin would still tout his support for House Bill 1369 and highlight his authoring of Senate Resolution 39 just hours after eight Hoosier families were still processing the most heartbreaking news any of us could ever receive,” said Ronnie Saunders, current Vice Chair of the Hamilton County Democratic Party and former Senate District 20 candidate and opponent of Senator Baldwin. “With our very own community approaching the third anniversary of the shooting at a Noblesville West Middle School, I would think that he would be more sensitive to the moment, but instead he showed how out of touch his priorities are to our community. Compassionate leadership is what we need right now, not partisan promotion. Hoosiers recognize the Second Amendment, but it should not come before the safety of our community and our lives.”

“Indiana is heartbroken because of last week’s senseless act of violence and yet, State Senator Scott Baldwin still had the audacity to carelessly call for the passage of a bill that would create – not solve – further problems for Indiana and its families,” said Lauren Ganapini, executive director of the Indiana Democratic Party. “Responsible, thoughtful leadership and governing is demanded from our elected leaders right now, and this email demonstrates Baldwin’s inability to set aside strident partisanship for the opportunity for healing and finding common ground.” 

House Bill 1369 was panned by both law enforcement and advocacy groups across Indiana earlier this session, because had it become law, the legislation would present a public safety crisis. Baldwin’s political stunt is just another example of Indiana Republicans doubling down on their partisanship rather than governing by common-sense and facts. This very approach is why Hoosiers are beginning to lose trust in the Indiana Republican Party. 

Howey Politics: “Just hours after this latest atrocity, State Sen. Scott Baldwin, R-Noblesville, made a pitch for the dead House Bill 1369, which he said had 32 Senate co-sponsors, with the current Senate Resolution 39. It states ‘that it is the policy of the Indiana Senate that our state will oppose any correctional taxes, fines, restrictions, prohibitions regarding lawful firearms, accessories or ammunition. Additionally, SR39 states that Indiana will not restrict or limit the sale, possession, distribution of purchasing of firearms and will also protect those who deal and manufacture firearm products that are protected under both the U.S. and Indiana constitutions.’”

Importantville: “An email from Republican Indiana State Sen. @ScottABaldwin—who represents suburbs north of Indianapolis—that went out to constituents today at 4:23 p.m., hours after a mass shooting.” 

Screenshot of email from State Senator Scott Baldwin (District 20)


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