ICYMI: Three Years with VP Kamala Harris on the Ticket


INDIANAPOLIS — This month marks the third anniversary of Vice President Kamala Harris joining President Joe Biden’s ticket as his running mate. 

Harris, originally from Oakland, California, graduated from Howard University and the University of California. Prior to her tenure as vice president, she served as the Attorney General for California and later as a U.S. Senator for California  — she was the second African-American woman and first Asian-American woman to do so.  

Now, as the nation enters the heart of the 2024 election cycle, the time has come to reflect on all Vice President Harris has done for Americans. 

Namely, she has continuously worked to ensure abortion rights, having met with lawmakers from at least 18 US states regarding the issue — including state representatives right here in Indiana.. Harris is also well-known for her ability to connect to members of gen-z and millennials alike, and has spoken openly about the significance of protecting women’s rights, boosting voting rights, and gun safety reform

“Right now, VP Kamala has a megaphone in hand and isn’t afraid to use it,” said Indiana Democratic Party Executive Director ZeNai Brooks. 

“She has established a political ideology for herself that encompasses the things that the younger generations care about. We are extremely grateful to have a Vice President that is fighting back against Republican extremism on the right to vote and the right to choose. Her leadership on these issues has brought her to Indiana twice in the past two years to meet with lawmakers and speak on our state’s dangerous ban on reproductive rights that will have disastrous consequences on low income and underprivileged families. We must re-elect President Biden and Vice President Harris in 2024 to finish the job and ensure Americans have more freedoms, not less.”


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