ICYMI: Todd Young Bails on Bipartisanship, Joins Mike Braun in Vote to Dismiss Trump Impeachment Trial


In a recent op-ed, Young described insurrectionists as a “mob” that wanted to “obstruct the voters’ will”, called shooting at Tippecanoe County Democratic Party headquarters “cowardly”

ICYMI: Both Braun & Young incited dangerous political rhetoric not 24 hours before the domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today fundamentally condemned U.S. Senators Mike Braun and Todd Young for their votes to dismiss the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. Their votes foreshadow how both senators could align when it’s time for the U.S. Senate to vote on whether to impeach and convict the former president for inciting an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Hoosiers aren’t surprised by Mike Braun’s performative, partisan stunts, but it’s Todd Young’s near 360 spin in rhetoric that’s simply jaw dropping. In the span of just 16 days, Senator Young went from spewing dangerous political rhetoric, to calling for unity and bipartisanship after the domestic terrorist attack, and then back to being the GOP establishment’s “yes man”

“This is why voters do not trust politicians like Todd Young, because when it mattered most, the senator put his political party before his duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution,” said Drew Anderson, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Young now joins Senator Mike Braun and an Indiana Republican Party who would rather spew dangerous rhetoric than actually get to work. Instead, Hoosiers see an INGOP who refuse to believe in science, dismiss teachers who ask for a pay raise, and scoff at workers who earn a minimum wage.”  

Here’s how it all played out in just two weeks: 

Todd Young, January 4, 2021:

“Jon Ossoff is a trust fund socialist who has profited off of business ties to terrorist linked Al-Jazeera and the Chinese Communist Party.”

“The American people deserve to know that these are the sorts of people being elevated to run for office by the Democratic Party. If we defeat these two radicals, we will HOLD THE LINE.”

Todd Young, January 10, 2021:

“We are not enemies, we are Americans.” 

Todd Young, January 26, 2021:

U.S. Senator Todd Young votes to dismiss the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, who was facing conviction for inciting an insurrection against the United States.


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