ICYMI: Todd Young Disrespects Republican Politicians and Voters, Says They Are “Nutty” and Have “Anger and Resentment”


Todd Young criticizes the GOP’s base, describing them as having “anger and resentment

POLITICO: Indiana Sen. Todd Young is one of only four Senate GOP incumbents whom the former president has not endorsed for reelection.

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today provided the following summary on how two-faced Todd Young views far-right politicians and the Indiana Republican Party’s base supporters: they are “nutty” and have “anger and resentment”. The summary follows the news of a new poll on the U.S. Senate race that has him leading only by three points – largely because only about 80-percent of Indiana GOP voters support the Senator’s reelection. 

Why are Republicans defecting? Since the start of January 2021, Todd Young has shown he simply does not respect the Indiana GOP’s base. Young has: 

  1. Characterized the Indiana Republican Party’s voting base as having “anger and resentment”, 
  2. Called for a public shaming of Indiana Republicans — like U.S. Senator Mike Braun — who peddled misinformation and “deceived constituents”, 
  3. Referred to Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Green – a leader of the GOP’s extremist movement – as “nutty”, 
  4. Said former President Donald Trump “bore responsibility” for inciting an insurrection against the United States, and 
  5. Bragged about how he doesn’t need former President Donald Trump’s endorsement for his reelection campaign.

Todd Young’s apathy for the Indiana GOP’s core supporters is yet another sign of fractures within the party — from Governor Eric Holcomb’s struggles with the supermajorities to the ousting of incumbent Secretary of State Holli Sullivan from the ballot by extremist Diego Morales. 

Young’s vocal opposition to Republican voters and attempt to try and have it both ways on the Indiana GOP’s extremist agenda will harm the Senator on Election Day. 

Senator Todd Young slams the INGOP’s voting base, describes them as having “anger and resentment”  

Fox59: “You cannot keep a party together, congeal a majority party, based on anger and resentment. Instead it takes empathy and actual resolution of challenges that people are facing.” 

Young calls for public shaming of INGOP’ers who “deceiving constituents”

Fox59: “I think we need to name and shame members of the media who were out there perpetuating mistruths and deceiving individuals. I think the same applies to politicians who are out there perpetuating things that are completely false and deceiving constituents.”

Todd Young referred to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green as “nutty”

IndyStar: ‘She’s nutty’: What Sen. Todd Young said about Marjorie Taylor Greene, impeachment and GOP

Indiana U.S. Sen. Todd Young had some choice words about the Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Georgia, on a media call Tuesday. Republicans are divided about how to handle controversial comments made by the congresswoman.

“There should be no debate about Marjorie Taylor Greene,” Young said. “She’s nutty. She’s an embarrassment to our party. There’s no place for her in the Republican Party. There ought to be no place.”

Todd Young and Campaign brag about not needing Donald Trump’s endorsement, Young said Trump to blame for January 6 Insurrection

POLITICO: The GOP senator who faulted Trump for Jan. 6 — and lived to tell about it

Indiana Sen. Todd Young is one of only four Senate GOP incumbents whom the former president has not endorsed for reelection.

Young is one of only four Senate GOP incumbents without the golden ticket of a Donald Trump endorsement this year. He has a record of taking some decidedly non-MAGA friendly positions and said Trump bore responsibility for Jan. 6 — in a state Trump carried twice by double-digits. 

At the end of last week, one by one, Trump blasted out endorsements for every Republican congressional incumbent up for reelection from Indiana, including Rep. Greg Pence, Mike Pence’s brother. Young was not among them.

Despite the frostiness from Mar-a-Lago, the cerebral former Marine, a disciple of the late moderate Sen. Dick Lugar and one who has called Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene “nutty,” will skate to the Republican nomination unopposed on May 3. […]

Last January, video of Young pleading his case on voting to certify the 2020 election results with a group of protesters near the Capitol went viral. He was one of 10 GOP senators to visit with President Joe Biden to discuss a coronavirus relief package at the White House last year. He reached across the aisle to introduce fellow Hoosier Pete Buttigieg at his Senate confirmation hearing. He even refused to criticize the president’s mental acuity — an insult that’s become de rigueur to stay in the good graces of the Republican base.


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