IDP Chairman John Zody holds campaign update to slam Rep. Braun for hiding out with D.C. donors and failing to meet with Hoosiers


Rep. Braun hasn’t held a public event in Indiana since June 11; held more D.C. finance events than public events in Indiana since the primary

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – IDP Chairman John Zody and the empty blue shirt of Rep. Mike Braun updated Hoosiers on the hypocritical Braun campaign strategy at a press conference this afternoon, highlighting Rep. Braun’s preference for attending fundraisers in D.C. and Beverly Hills instead of campaigning in Indiana.

Outside the Statehouse this afternoon, Zody pointed out Rep. Braun’s campaign in Indiana since the primary seems to involve nothing besides TV ads, as he’s ditched the blue shirt for a suit and Hoosiers for fundraisers in D.C. and Hollywood. Since Rep. Braun became the GOP nominee, he’s held more finance events – that the public is aware of – in Washington alone than public-facing events in Indiana. In fact, Rep. Braun has not held a single public event in Indiana since June 11.

All the while, Hoosiers are wondering why Rep. Braun is placing more emphasis on raising funds from Mitch McConnell and his special interest allies in Washington than he is making the case to voters in Indiana. It’s a stark reversal from his primary campaign, where he claimed that he’d remain accountable to Hoosiers by not taking money from the special interest donors he’s now courting.

“Hoosiers trying to figure out what Rep. Braun’s campaign is doing since the primary have realized his candidacy is little more than an empty shirt. He’s far more interested in hobnobbing with the GOP elite in D.C. and Beverly Hills than he is in showing up to talk with Hoosiers,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody. “You can tell a lot about a candidate’s priorities by where he campaigns, and by ignoring Hoosiers to focus on special interest donors, it’s clear who Rep. Braun believes he’s accountable to.”


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