IDP, Democratic Leaders Rebuke Indiana’s GOP for Continued Support for Trump After Comments Condoning Sexual Assault


INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday morning, the Indiana Democratic Party criticized Indiana’s Republican elected officials and candidates for their continuing support of Donald Trump after his remarks condoning sexual assault on women. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody, joined by Dr. Angela Demaree, candidate for the Indiana’s Fifth Congressional District, condemned Todd Young, Eric Holcomb, Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth, Susan Brooks, Jackie Walorski and others who lack Hoosier values as they stand firmly behind Trump’s candidacy.

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Even as leading Republicans across the country disavow their support of Trump, all of Indiana’s Republican elected officials and candidates have refused to renounce their support—with Congressman Young even confirming today that he backs Trump—in what can only be described as a gross political calculation.

“The Indiana Republican Party’s silence on this issue is deafening,” said John Zody, Chair. “Their silence shows there are zero circumstances that would cause them to not put party over country. This is another Richard Mourdock moment for Eric Holcomb, Todd Young, and the Indiana Republican Party, and they should be ashamed of themselves. They have refused to use Hoosier Common Sense and would clearly rather put their ideology and agenda ahead of the country and the state.”

“This hateful, sexist, divisive campaign and its message needs to stop,” said Dr. Angela Demaree, Candidate for 5th Congressional District. “If the women within the Indiana Congressional Delegation will not confront Trump’s attacks on women, then I and the rest of the Indiana Democratic Party will. We will fight for those who feel like they don’t have a voice.”


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