IDP launches new digital push to refute Rep. Braun’s claim about selling American-made products, reveals suppliers’ use of foreign manufacturers

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party is launching a new digital effort, including a microsite and digital ads, to highlight Rep. Braun’s reliance on foreign suppliers and call out his lie that 95% of his suppliers are American.

Throughout his campaign, Rep. Braun repeatedly has falsely claimed that “95 percent” of the auto parts suppliers for his company, Meyer Distributing, are American. However, according to Meyer Distributing’s own supplier sheet, nearly 30 percent of its 777 suppliers are either foreign headquartered or foreign-made, with many of them making their products in China. Of the suppliers listed on Meyer’s website, at least 60 are foreign headquartered, and at least 150 assemble parts in foreign countries – bringing the total percentage of suppliers used by Meyer who manufacture their products in foreign countries to 19 percent.

The IDP’s new website,, lists all of Meyer Distributing’s suppliers to highlight the dozens of companies that manufacture products in foreign countries. It also identifies many of the repeated times Rep. Braun has tried to mislead Hoosiers by touting the “95 percent” number on the campaign trail, even though his actions tell a different story. Rep. Braun repeated the same lie in his latest ad, even while featuring a Meyer truck adorned with the logos of at least two companies whose products are foreign-made.

In conjunction with the microsite, the IDP is also launching digital search ads targeting Hoosiers interested in finding out more about Rep. Braun’s company or his candidacy. The ads will direct voters to the site so they can get the truth about Rep. Braun’s company.

“Hoosiers need to know the truth about Rep. Braun’s business practices instead of the distortions and outright false statements Rep. Braun is telling them about the foreign parts he sells,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Choosing to sell cheap auto parts made in other countries at the expense of Hoosier workers is one thing, but covering up the truth with false statements to mislead voters is another. We’re launching our new microsite so Hoosiers can get the truth and hold Rep. Braun accountable in November.”


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