IDP Releases Pledged Delegate Allocation for the Upcoming National Convention


Sen. Sanders receives 44 delegates, Sec. Clinton earns 39 delegates of Indiana’s 83 pledged delegates

INDIANAPOLIS – Following the results of Indiana’s primary election, the Indiana Democratic Party today released the final delegate allocation for pledged delegates heading to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 25-28, 2016.

Abiding by the rules set by the Democratic National Committee, national delegates will be proportionally awarded to both U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton according to results of Tuesday’s primary.

“The Indiana Primary was an exciting time for the Indiana Democratic Party. From new voters joining the party to lifelong Democrats casting their votes, the enthusiasm and engagement we saw was a win for Indiana,” said John Zody, Chairman. “We are pleased to have 92 Hoosiers representing the great state of Indiana in Philadelphia. Hoosiers will join other Democrats from across the nation, and we will unite behind our Democratic nominee and help them defeat presumptive Republican Nominee Donald Trump this November.”

Of the 92 total national convention delegation for Indiana, 56 pledged delegates are split across Indiana’s nine congressional districts. Pledged delegates within each congressional district will be proportionally allocated according to the results within that specific district. Further, the 27 statewide pledged delegates will be divided proportionally according to the statewide results.

A full breakdown of the proportional allocation of Indiana’s national convention delegation is below. National convention delegates will be selected during the Indiana Democratic State Convention held at the Indiana Convention Center on June 18, 2016.


CD National Delegates Sanders Delegates Clinton Delegates
District-Level 1 8 4 4
2 6 3 3
3 5 3 2
4 5 3 2
5 7 4 3
6 5 3 2
7 8 4 4
8 6 3 3
9 6 3 3
At-Large 18 9 9
PLEO 9 5 4


44 39

*Pledged delegate totals above do not reflect the unpledged delegates for Indiana’s convention delegation.
**These allocations have been reviewed and approved by both presidential campaigns.
***The State of Indiana has ten days to verify the results of the election. Pledged delegate totals for candidates may change according to potential updates to Indiana’s election results.



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