IDP sends Chinese flag care package to Rep. Braun’s campaign as a reminder of his reliance on Chinese labor


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party sent a box of Chinese flags to Rep. Braun’s campaign headquarters today as a reminder that despite receiving tax breaks from Hoosiers because he said he’d create jobs here in Indiana, his company makes their auto parts in China, while Indiana factories making the same parts shut down.

Indiana Democrats today sent the box filled with Chinese flags to Rep. Braun’s campaign should they ever greet their colleagues among the more than 10,000 workers at factories in China and other foreign countries whom Rep. Braun sustains through his Promaxx Automotive brand.

Rep. Braun endlessly claims that his company is “made in America,” and he received tax breaks from the State of Indiana for claiming he’d create good paying jobs here. However, Rep. Braun turned around and chose to make auto parts for his Promaxx Automotive brand in China, even though Hoosier factories made many of the same parts that Promaxx gets from overseas. According to another AP report from two weeks ago, one of Rep. Braun’s largest suppliers began to lay off hundreds of Americans and outsourced their jobs to China the very same year Rep. Braun’s own brand of auto parts began working with them.

“Rep. Braun loves to say that his business is ‘made in America,’ so we thought he and Hoosiers could use a reminder that it couldn’t be further from the truth,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “The reality is that no one can count on Rep. Braun to keep his promises, especially when he claims he’ll help hard-working Hoosiers. He’s always looking for new ways to take advantage of cheap Chinese manufacturers to help his bottom line at the expense of Hoosier businesses and workers.”


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