IDP Statement on Brad Chambers Joining Packed Republican Gubernatorial Primary


INDIANAPOLIS — Today, former IEDC leader and Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers filed his official paperwork to run for governor in 2024. The Indiana Democratic Party released the following statement from Chair Mike Schmuhl on the announcement:

“Another month, and yet another Republican jumping into the race for governor. In 2024, Hoosiers deserve an honest conversation about the last twenty years of Republican one-party control, and how their policies have impacted our state. 

“As Secretary of Commerce, Chambers did not address Indiana’s poor standing for workers and wages. Wages grew significantly slower in Indiana than in the country as a whole over the past few years and our state is one of the worst places to find a job in the entire country.

“Next year, we have an opportunity to elect a Democratic governor who will put working Hoosiers first, address our inadequate childcare system, advocate for union jobs, and restore the right to choose for Hoosier women.”


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