IDP Statement on Eric Holcomb’s Inauguration as Indiana’s 51st Governor


INDIANAPOLIS – John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement after Eric Holcomb was sworn in during a Monday ceremony at the State Fairgrounds.

“As a Hoosier, I want to offer best wishes to our new governor as he comes into office. I hope today will mark a much-needed new era for Hoosiers. It will be imperative that Governor Holcomb rise above Mike Pence’s shadow and not surrender to the out-of-touch ideologies of the GOP supermajorities. Indiana cannot bear another RFRA or a law that endangers Hoosier women and their families. Instead, we must address lagging wages for our workers, our crumbling infrastructure system, and a lackluster Pre-K program. There is still much to do to make sure Indiana is a leader in the 21st Century. But in order to accomplish this goal, we must always remember that Hoosier Common Sense will always prevail over party lines and ideology.”


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