IDP statement on George Floyd


INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Democratic Party Vice Chairwoman Cordelia Lewis Burks issued the following statement.

“My prayers and condolences go out to the family of George Floyd, may the memories of his life sustain them in this time of loss. As our country and our state grapple with the needless death of George Floyd, Hoosiers and Americans are rightfully angry. Angry because the cycle of injustice lurches on and voices who have over and over called for change have gone unheard. Angry because righteous protests have been expropriated by forces that seek to divide us and destroy the livelihoods of our neighbors. Angry because the moment demands a unifier capable of elevating the conversation and our president cannot or will not rise to meet the challenge.

“Change starts at the ballot box, but it does not end there. We achieve progress on school boards. And with civilian review boards. And in classrooms and corporate boardrooms. Progress comes when all citizens of color are afforded the same opportunities and are present equally in every facet of American life. We cannot allow people of color to be marginalized and erased if we truly seek to achieve a more perfect union. That responsibility is with all of us. It starts with speaking up.”

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