IDP Statement on Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s Announcement


INDIANAPOLIS – John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement after South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg announced his intentions to run for Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

“November’s election made one point very clear – the Midwest and the issues important to this region should never be ignored. More attention must be made to growing wages for the hardworking middle-class, investing in training programs that are needed to bridge a skills gap, and bringing a Hoosier Common Sense approach to solving important issues like equality. With investments in things like community development, job creation, and infrastructure during his time as Mayor of South Bend, Pete Buttigieg has the capability of bringing a much-needed Midwest voice to the Democratic Party that will resonate across the country. Pete is a young and dynamic talent that we need at the top of our party, and I am happy to support a Hoosier for DNC Chair. I encourage my fellow DNC members to get to know Mayor Pete Buttigieg over the next seven weeks.”


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