IDP Statement on Pence’s Visit to Donald Trump on Possible VP Pick


INDIANAPOLIS – John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement after it was reported that Mike Pence is currently traveling to meet with Donald Trump about the possibility of joining his campaign as the vice presidential nominee.

“Mike Pence seems to be more concerned about his own political career than the job Hoosiers elected him to do. With plummeting approval ratings, Gov. Pence now wants to hit the ejection button so he can avoid campaigning on his failed tenure as governor. This includes RFRA, one of the worst abortion laws passed into law, and a lagging state economy with many Hoosiers out of work. Any form of legislation Mike Pence has passed as governor was with one eye on the political agenda of Washington, D.C. insiders. So once again, Mike Pence is only out for himself – not for Hoosiers.”


Mike Pence’s RFRA

  • Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in a closed door ceremony [FOX 59, 3.26.15], throwing Indiana into a $250 million economic panic. – [The Advocate, 7.10.15]

Pence Repeals Common Construction Wage Law

  • Mike Pence and Statehouse Republicans repealed the common construction wage laws, allowing union worker wages to go down and the expanding wage gap continues to grow in our state. – [NWI Times, 5.6.15]

Overall State Economy

  • Indiana’s economy had a sluggish growth at 1.7% real GDP, below the national average of 2.4% GDP. – [Route Fifty, 6.14.16]
  • Indiana economic growth lags behind neighboring states Illinois and Ohio. – [Bureau of Economic Analysis, 6.14.16]
  • Indiana ranks 38th in per capita income, down from 34th in 2004. – [NWI Times, 03.26.16]
  • Median Incomes: Wages have dropped from $53,500 in 2000 to $46,900 in 2013. – [U.S. Census]
  • Hoosiers make 86 cents for every one American dollar earned. – [Indianapolis Star, 6.1.15]
  • Indiana ranks 46th in quality of life, 42nd in workforce. – [CNBC]
  • About two thirds of minimum wage workers in Indiana are women. – [Forbes, 7, 2015]
  • Hoosier women make 75 cents for every dollar a man makes. – [AAUW, 2015]
  • African American households earn on average $21,000 less than white households. – [Indianapolis Star, 4.11.15]
  • Hispanic households make $15,000 less than white households. – [Indianapolis Star, 4.11.15]

Pence on the Presidential Race

  • Pence on the Presidential Race: …if I wanted to comment on everything that’s said in the presidential campaigns, I would have run for president.” – [Indiana Public Media,6.7.16]
  • Pence said focus should only be on one office at a time. “I can tell you: I’m a very focused person. We’ll spend some time this spring deciding on where our focus should be, and that will be our focus.” [Politico, 2/21/15]


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