IDP Statement on Senate Republicans’ Infrastructure Bill


INDIANAPOLIS – Drew Anderson, communications director for the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement as Mike Pence and Senate Republicans double down on short-term infrastructure solutions in an attempt to save their own careers.

“Much like today’s plan by Senate Republicans, Mike Pence and the GOP are telling Hoosiers that they are only willing to produce the short-term options needed to save their political careers. Senate Republicans and Governor Mike Pence are doubling down on the idea that they can do the bare minimum necessary when in fact Indiana’s roads continue to crumble before our very eyes. But the worst part is, any sort of solution produced by Mike Pence and Republicans today won’t go into effect until July of 2016, forcing Hoosiers to roll the dice with their luck until then. These reactionary plans send a clear message that without the constant pushing from Democrats and others to make infrastructure more a priority, it’s unlikely they would have admitted fault by putting Indiana’s “Crossroads of America” reputation in jeopardy. Hoosiers are looking for leaders who can foresee future crises and bring forward commonsense, long-term solutions that would help lead them into the future. If this entire year was any indicator, these leaders are not Mike Pence nor Statehouse Republicans.”


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