In ‘a state that works’, child care costs sinking families


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana is home to the fourth highest child care costs in the nation. It’s a nearly $11,000/year roadblock for working families, sometime dwarfing what Hoosiers pay monthly on their mortgage or rent. Reducing the cost of child care has been a blind spot for the Republican-led Legislature, who’ve ignored and even blocked the issued from advancing.

From WTVW Indiana has some of the highest child care rates in the nation

“Child Care Aware of America says Indiana is the fourth least-affordable state in the country, costing parents close to $11,000 per year, on average.

“It’s like a second mortgage these days,” she says.

“For a single parent making the Indiana median income of $26,000 they would spend nearly half of their income on child care for a toddler.

“In Indiana, it may cost more to send your kid to daycare than college.”

Statehouse Republicans have sidelined bills to lower the cost of child care while repeatedly pushing cuts to Indiana corporate tax rate. It’s an unbalanced approach that puts working families second and Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody believed it’s another indication of how out-of-touch Indiana Republicans have become.

“Paying for child care shouldn’t feel like taking out a second mortgage – but that’s the reality for working Hoosiers,” said Zody. “Statehouse Republicans are worried about businesses’ bottom line but that concern seems to evaporate when it comes to Hoosier families’.”


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