IN Dems call on Bosma, Long to donate special session pay


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called on House Speaker Brian Bosma and Senate President David Long to donate any pay generated during the upcoming special session. Zody believes Republican Statehouse leaders should acknowledge their inability to manage the clock is costing Hoosier taxpayers.

“Republicans are the home team, away team and the referees,” said Zody. “And they still found a way to lose. Their incompetence will cost taxpayers $30,000/day. Republican leaders relinquishing their pay is a small but critical acknowledgment that they won’t personally benefit from their own ineffectiveness. Hardworking taxpayers deserve that much.”

Governor Holcomb announced the special session after Republican infighting, name-calling and ineptitude sank the 2018 session. Shortly thereafter, House and Senate Democratic Leaders Terry Goodin and Tim Lanane announced they would donate their pay. After nearly a decade in complete control and criticized for entering the 2018 legislative session with no long-term vision or plan, Zody can understand why taxpayers are skeptical of Republicans’ intentions.

“Republican leaders had more than two months to get the job done, and still couldn’t get their homework in on time,” said Zody. “Now they’re asking taxpayers to trust them to finish up in three days? I don’t blame Hoosier taxpayers for not trusting Indiana Republicans to do what they say.”


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