In Giving Syrian Family Federal Benefits, Mike Pence Admits His “Ban” on Refugees was Political


INDIANAPOLIS – As he continued his opposition to allowing a Syrian family to live in the state, Mike Pence yesterday said that he would not deny aid to the recently settled family. Therefore, Pence admitted to the media his run-to-the-mic approach was in fact, a political act.

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Indy Star: “Gov. Mike Pence said Tuesday he will not block a Syrian refugee family from receiving state aid such as food stamps and health care, even as he continues to oppose its relocation to Indiana. Pence’s comments at an airport news conference came one day after the Archdiocese of Indianapolis settled a Syrian refugee family in the city despite the governor’s recent announcement that, due to security concerns, he was halting state support for such relocation efforts.”

“In light of his remarks yesterday, Pence’s decision to not deny any benefits, such as food stamps and health care, to the family proves the governor not only had zero legal ground to ban Syrian refugees from Indiana but in fact, it was all a political stunt aimed at fear,” said Drew Anderson, communications director for the Indiana Democratic Party.“Leave it up to Mike Pence to politicize an issue when Hoosiers rely on our leaders to solve today’s problems. From causing a $250 million economic panic to now discriminating against Syrian families, Mike Pence is truly trying to dismantle Indiana’s ‘Hoosier Hospitality’ reputation, one ideological move at a time.”


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