In one sound bite, Holcomb contradicts his hate crimes position


INDIANAPOLIS – Governor Eric Holcomb himself made hate crimes a top priority, then never laid out a vision, never led or lifted a finger to get it passed. Now, he struggles to even say where he stands on the bill he signed.

In a recent interview, Holcomb toggled between wanting a bill that matches his employment policy (which includes protections for sex, gender identity and age) and believing that the bill he signed covers everyone. If it covers everyone, then it’s not a ‘step in the right direction’, it’s mission accomplished. If it doesn’t match your employment policy and is only a ‘step in the right direction’, it doesn’t cover everyone. Pick one, governor. 

From INFocus Fox59 Holcomb calls hate crime bill “step in right direction”

“I had continued as late as this past weekend to push with individual lawmakers that I prefer my language, the policy in my office.

“Short of that, we have to come out of this legislative session with a bias crimes law that protects everyone.

“This will be a step in the right direction. Every Hoosier, including gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, race, faith, or no faith at all will be covered.”

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody wasn’t surprised have-it-both-ways Holcomb struggled to clearly articulate his position.

“It’s par for the course that our caretaker governor can’t give an interview without trying to have it both ways on hate crimes,” said Zody. “Leaders take a principled stand. Holcomb took a backseat and watched a top priority get watered-down by his GOP colleagues.”


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