In Rep. Braun’s hometown of Jasper, IDP helps recruit workers for Chinese factories that make his products


IDP distributes “help wanted” fliers around Jasper to remind voters of his preference for Chinese labor over Hoosier workers

JASPER, Ind. – The Indiana Democratic Party distributed ‘help wanted’ flyers for Rep. Braun’s Chinese factories around his hometown of Jasper yesterday to remind voters that while he may not be interested in seeking the help of Hoosier manufacturers, he’s always looking for cheap labor in China.

Through his heavy reliance on Chinese manufacturing for his auto parts distribution business, Rep. Braun supports more than 10,000 jobs in foreign factories. As the AP reported yesterday, Rep. Braun’s largest supplier began to lay off hundreds of Americans and outsourced the jobs to China the very same year Rep. Braun’s own brand of auto parts began. To remind voters of that fact, the IDP posted fliers around Jasper to recruit workers not for jobs in his hometown, but for the many factories in China where he has chosen to make his products.

Despite claiming his company is “made in America,” Rep. Braun made $18 million in profits last year alone making and selling auto parts made in China at the expense of Hoosiers. Until the AP reported it earlier this month, Rep. Braun hid that he had his own line of auto parts on the campaign trail to avoid acknowledging that while his company is based in Jasper and he could have sourced his products from anywhere, he chose Chinese labor over Hoosier workers. Given his heavy reliance on Chinese products to fuel his profits, Rep. Braun seems more interested in helping the Chinese economy than Indiana’s.

“Promaxx may be based in Jasper, but any Hoosier who wants to get a real sense of what it’s like to work for Rep. Braun will have to fly halfway around the world to his Chinese factories. And Rep. Braun will need all the help he can get over there if he’s going to continue sustaining tens of thousands of foreign jobs,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “While Rep. Braun might not be looking to Indiana’s factories to help grow his business, he’s always looking for new ways to use Chinese manufacturers to help his bottom line at the expense of Hoosier workers.”

A high resolution image of the flyer is available HERE.


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