IN Republicans obfuscate on independent redistricting


Slow-walking reform steals Hoosiers’ voice in electoral process

INDIANAPOLIS – In a Senate committee on Monday, Statehouse Republicans failed to consider legislation to create an independent redistricting commission, instead forcing through a boilerplate bill all but designed to maintain the status quo. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody questioned Statehouse Republicans’ motives.

“This is Republicans stacking the deck to rig elections and preserve their political power, pure and simple, said Zody. “Hoosiers want to choose their elected officials, not the other way around. Republicans are stifling competitive elections and are stealing Hoosiers’ voice in the electoral process.”

With time running out to reform redistricting ahead of the 2021 redrawing of Indiana’s legislative districts, lawmakers must act quickly to put an independent redistricting framework in place. Zody believes Statehouse Republicans are slow-walking the process to maintain their control over redistricting.

“No one is buying Republicans’ sudden interest in taking ‘baby steps’ toward an independent redistricting commission,” said Zody. “They’re running out the clock to draw the maps in 2021 and lock in their political power for another decade. Hoosier voters deserve fair elections and for their voice, and vote, to count.”

The bill moves to the Senate floor where it’s likely Senate Democrats will attempt to amend in an independent redistricting commission.


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