IN Senate GOP Admits – Three Times – the Indiana GOP’s Culture Wars Have Crossed the Line


Indiana Republicans pursue division while Hoosier Democrats are delivering the kitchen-table issues

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today pointed out a new theme developing this week at the statehouse: the Indiana GOP’s culture wars have *finally* crossed the line. State Senate Republicans drastically watered down the GOP’s 2022 national agenda that includes politicizing public education (House Bill 1134), discrediting the COVID-19 vaccine (House Bill 1001), and restricting voting rights for Hoosiers (House Bill 1116). But unfortunately, the Republicans’ partisanship already succeeded at dividing communities across Indiana. 

House Bills 1001, 1116, and 1134 – along with encouragement from U.S. Congressman Jim Banks – confirmed the Indiana Republican Party has become the Culture War Party. They prefer pursuing divisive culture wars over delivering on those kitchen-table issues most important to voters. 

In contrast, Democrats are delivering a bright economic future for Indiana. Tomorrow in South Bend, leaders like State Senator David Niezgodski and State Representative Maureen Bauer will share how Democrats secured investments on kitchen-table issues that matter most to Hoosiers. This includes new jobs, repaired roads and bridges, broadband, and regional economic development projects in every corner of the state. The press event is part of “The Jobs Tour”, a statewide effort touting Democrats’ economic agenda that is creating a better future for Hoosier families. 

Here’s a look at how some statehouse Republicans admit the Indiana Republican Party’s culture wars are harming the state: 

House Bill 1001

WFYI: Senate committee dramatically scales back COVID-19 vaccine mandate bill

“The Senate panel also deleted all language from the bill that involved unemployment benefits. The measure would’ve broadly allowed Hoosiers who are fired because of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate to still access those benefits.”. 

House Bill 1116

CNHI: Indiana Senate committee restores absentee voting standards in House bill

“An Indiana House bill that would further restrict absentee voting in Indiana was amended by the Senate Elections Committee on Monday to restore absentee voting to its current parameters.

H.B. 1116 would have curbed absentee vote-by-mail beyond Indiana’s limits by requiring voters to swear that they would be unable to vote during the entire early, in-person voting period. Some Indiana counties allow early voting for up to 28 days before Election Day, but availability varies from county to county.”

House Bill 1134

WISH: Senate Republican to propose narrower school curriculum bill

“The amendment removes language that sets up a complaint process and allows for lawsuits due to violations of the bill. It takes out language to require schools to be impartial when teaching about historical events.

It also narrows the list of off-limits concepts from eight to three: that one group is inherently superior or inferior to another, that one group should be treated adversely or preferentially, and that individuals, by virtue of their traits, are responsible for the past actions of those who shared their traits.”


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