IN sheds 4,000 manufacturing jobs in Oct., down 10,000 YTD


INDIANAPOLIS – Governor Eric Holcomb isn’t bashful about talking on the ‘importance of manufacturing’ to the Hoosier economy.

It’s alarming then, that he’s been so tight-lipped as the sector dumped 4,000 jobs in October 2019, shedding more than 10,000 jobs year to date. In the country’s most manufacturing-intensive state, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody wondered if Holcomb had a plan to weather economic uncertainty in the sector or was even going to acknowledge the selloff.

“Governor Holcomb is quick to celebrate a win, but with economic storm clouds gathering, it’s not even clear he’s aware our economy is hemorrhaging manufacturing jobs,” said Zody. “Holcomb needs to address the issue publicly. To date, he appears without a plan. It’s a dangerously cavalier attitude to an industry that forms the foundation of our state’s economy.”


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