IN THE NEWS: All three GOP front-runners firmly in the mud as Congressman Rokita turns fire on Rep. Braun


INDIANAPOLIS – The attacks all three contending candidates have faced in the “GOP’s nastiest Senate primary” are only increasing, with Rep. Braun taking further criticism from Congressman Rokita as the self-funder’s profile continues to expand. A Herald-Bulletin report Saturday ostensibly about a local endorsement ended with eye-catching attacks from Congressman Rokita both old and new. Not only did he hit Rep. Braun for his controversial gas tax increase and accuse the self-funder of running for Senate merely to cross something off a “bucket list,” but Congressman Rokita also attacked Rep. Braun’s company, saying it cost Hoosiers jobs by distributing automotive parts from China and other countries.

Key Points:

  • “The Politico website has already labeled the Indiana GOP primary the “nastiest” in the nation. Messer has come under attack by the Rokita campaign for selling his house in Indiana and moving to the Washington, D.C. area.

    Rokita has been criticized for his management style.

    Braun has labeled both Messer and Rokita as career politicians.”

  • “During an interview with The Herald Bulletin this week, Rokita said Braun, a member of the Indiana House, voted for Indiana’s biggest tax increase which raised the price of gasoline by 10 cents per gallon.

    “That tax came when the state has a $2 billion surplus,” Rokita said.”

  • “[Congressman Rokita] said Braun’s brother, Steve, the former head of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, has donated to his campaign.

    Steve Braun has announced he is running for the 4th Congressional District nomination to replace Rokita.”

  • “Rokita said Braun’s company is distributing automotive parts from China and foreign companies that are costing Hoosiers jobs.

    “Running for the Senate is not something on your bucket list,” he continued.”


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