IN THE NEWS: Congressman Messer blasts Congressman Rokita for “coming after” his spouse as GOP primary explodes


INDIANAPOLIS – Congressman Messer used his statewide platform on IN Focus this past Sunday to assail Congressman Rokita personally and claim that the Congressman’s campaign was coming after his wife. Asked about recent stories involving his wife’s $20,000 monthly retainer from the city of Fishers, Congressman Messer pivoted to Congressman Rokita’s camp, who had immediately tried to capitalize on the most recent story about the scandal. The attack on an opponent’s spouse was in keeping with Congressman Rokita’s personality, Congressman Messer made clear, suggesting a level of personal animosity sure to resurface throughout the next year.

From WTTV CBS-4 [WATCH]: IN Focus: Messer defends healthcare bill, wife’s legal work

INDIANAPOLIS – In a recent interview with CBS4’s IN Focus, Rep. Luke Messer (R-IN) defended the GOP health care plan and his wife’s legal work for the city of Fishers, which has been the subject of two recent reports from the Associated Press.

Last week, a Rokita campaign staffer sent the media a link to the AP report, a move that Messer blasted when we spoke with him last week.

“Frankly, I’ve known Todd a long time and very little surprises me,” said Messer. “But I would say it’s not typical that someone starts the campaign by coming after someone’s spouse, but again, I have great faith and trust in Hoosiers, and (they’ll) judge me and my work on its merits.” 


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