IN THE NEWS: Congressman Rokita faced with second ethics complaint in wake of AP article


INDIANAPOLIS – Another ethics complaint has been filed against Congressman Rokita, this time over charges that he may be misusing taxpayer resources for his campaign.

Earlier this month, an AP report detailed Congressman Rokita’s brutal treatment of his staff. The report mentioned that at least three members of his official congressional office “felt obligated” to do political work. If true, Congressman Rokita would be violating ethics laws by using taxpayer-funded staff to help with his re-election campaign. The complaint, filed by the American Democracy Legal Fund, calls on the FEC to look into the staffers’ comments and determine whether Congressman Rokita is in violation of ethics laws.

From Indy Politics: Second ethics complaint filed against Rokita

Indiana Congressman Todd Rokita is the subject of a second ethics complaint.

The American Democracy Legal Fund filed the complaint against Rokita based on allegations he had government staff do campaign work, a violation of the House Rules and House Code of Official Conduct.

The complaint is based on a recent Associated Press report where Rokita reportedly made congressional staffers feel “obligated” to perform volunteer political work for his campaigns and there would be consequences if they did not.

“Congressman Todd Rokita knowingly violated House Ethics Rules and Federal law,” said Brad Woodhouse of the ADLF. “Congressman Rokita forced his taxpayer-paid staffers to perform campaign work for him, and led them to believe speaking out would result in ‘retribution.’ This is clear evidence of his disregard for ethical standards the American people expect from their elected officials, and the Office of Congressional Ethics should immediately launch an investigation.”

To view the full complaint, click here.  The group has filed an ethics complaint against Rokita back in July, as well as against his rival Luke Messer, accusing the two of campaigning and raising money for the respective U.S. Senate races without officially running for the office.


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