IN THE NEWS: GOP infighting spills onto Wikipedia, Indy Star’s front page as primary reaches new levels of pettiness


INDIANAPOLIS – The Republican attacks in the messy, vitriolic Senate primary continue in ways both big and small. The Indy Star splashed across their front page today a story on edits made to Congressman Messer’s Wikipedia page—most of which parallel Congressman Rokita’s attacks on him and make him less appealing to a GOP primary audience. Meanwhile, edits to Congressman Rokita’s page have painted him in a more favorable light for primary voters. Even after a conservative editorial had to ask the men to stop their near daily broadsides in campaign emails and interviews, there appears to be no limit to how far the two candidates will go, 10 months before the primary.

From the Indy StarWiki fight! Somebody’s making Messer’s Wikipedia page read like Rokita’s campaign attacks

A slew of recent edits to Rep. Luke Messer’s Wikipedia page closely align with his likely primary opponent Todd Rokita’s campaign attacks, setting off a new round of finger pointing in what is expected to be one of the most hotly contested U.S. Senate races in the country.

Over the past month, Messer’s page has been edited to emphasize his work as a lobbyist, his decision to move his family to Washington D.C. and a controversy involving his wife’s lucrative part-time legal work for the city of Fishers.

The Rokita campaign has routinely criticized Messer in recent months as a “lobbyist turned politician” who left Indiana for “one of the wealthiest suburbs of Washington D.C.”

Messer’s campaign, meanwhile, has shot back, accusing Rokita of peddling negative stories and attacking Messer’s family.  At one point, an official with the Messer campaign told the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette that “Rokita has a history of making unhinged comments.

Messer’s campaign said the edits — which include a new section about immigration intended to make Messer sound less conservative — are obviously geared toward a Republican primary audience.

“Of course it’s Rokita,” Messer campaign spokesman Jason Kneeland said. “Typical of the level of ugliness we’ve seen from him. Nobody has declared in the Senate race, but Todd has already established he will say or do anything to get elected. I just don’t think that works long-term here in Indiana.”


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