IN THE NEWS: Harsh criticism in Indiana for Rep. Braun’s tour-de-swamp fundraising spree in Washington


INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosiers have noticed Rep. Braun hobnobbing throughout the past week with Mitch McConnell and the GOP’s K Street elite in Washington, and they’re not impressed. Reporters across the state were quick to point out that Rep. Braun’s fundraiser with McConnell yesterday – just like his trip to Washington the week before — came just days after wrapping up a primary campaign where he hypocritically claimed he’d be accountable to Hoosiers because he wasn’t raising money from Washington special interests. Yet as the GOP’s Senate nominee, Rep. Braun’s first priority was apparently to go to the “swamp” that he spent much of the last year attacking so he could visit Mitch McConnell and his lobbyist allies.


From ABC57: Democrats call out Mike Braun for D.C. fundraising

Democrats say Republican U.S. Senate nominee Mike Braun is entering “swampy” territory as he looks to pull in big donor support at a fundraiser in the nation’s capital Monday evening.This comes less than a month after Braun rolled out his “Meet the Swamp Brothers” TV ad, criticizing his primary opponents for being career politicians.

He said several times on the campaign trail, he was the only “outsider” in the race and he’s committed “draining the swamp.”

But Indiana’s Democratic Party (IDP) believes he’s now singing a different tune.

The party called out Braun for being the guest of honor at a fundraiser hosted by longtime Republican politician and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.

While Braun primarily self-funded his primary bid, he’s now looking for money elsewhere in this showdown with Democratic Incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly.


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