IN THE NEWS: State Sen. Mike Delph becomes latest to seriously consider increasingly crowded GOP Primary

Takes “obvious shot” at Congressmen Messer and Rokita, claims conservative lane still “wide open”
INDIANAPOLIS – Citing a lack of true conservatives currently in the race and lambasting the chances of a sitting Congressman like Luke Messer or Todd Rokita to win next November, State Senator Mike Delph made explicit that he may join the crowded field of potential Indiana Republican Senate primary opponents in an interview with Howey Politics Indiana“Vowing to keep his options open” after meeting with national conservative fundraising groups, the far-right firebrand is the fifth elected official to seriously consider the primary. Senator Delph also had praise for Joe Donnelly as a formidable challenger, saying that “no one on the Republican side is beating Joe Donnelly.”
From Howey Politics IndianaDelph sees a ‘conservative lane’ in U.S. Senate race
INDIANAPOLIS – Vowing to keep his options open for 2018, State Sen. Mike Delph told Howey Politics Indiana on Monday that a “conservative lane” exists in what will be a crowded Republican U.S. Senate field. “The U.S. Senate race is wide open,” Delph said. “I don’t think being a sitting member of Congress is the best advantage. The public is very dissatisfied with Congress.”

That was an obvious shot at U.S. Reps. Luke Messer and Todd Rokita, who are expected to get into the race this summer. Delph is also considering a third term in the state Senate.Delph said he has met with the Senate Conservative Fund, Club For Growth and the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee. He notes that he stepped aside in the 2012 and 2016 races after he was lobbied not to “split the conservative vote” with Richard Mourdock and Marlin Stutzman by figures like Chris Chocola and David McIntosh. But this time, he won’t let that sentiment sway his decision. “I’m in a strong position to choose my path this time,” he said. He said that ballot tests against U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly show that “no one on the Republican side is beating Joe Donnelly. I think there’s a definite opening.”


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