INDems Announce “The Hoosier Promise”, 2022 Public Platform Process for Supporters


Democrats to take public comment during three in-person public forums and one statewide online hearing 

READ: “The Hoosier Promise”, draft form of INDems’ 2022 Party Platform

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today announced the start of the formal process to approve the state party’s platform during the 2022 Indiana Democratic Party state convention this June in Indianapolis. Dubbed “The Hoosier Promise”, this platform serves as the Party’s North Star and vision of creating a better future for Hoosier families in all parts of the state. The vision includes (but is not limited to) delivering union jobs that provide a livable wage, revitalizing the state’s infrastructure system, funding a comprehensive and affordable childcare system, reforming the state’s criminal justice system, legalizing recreational cannabis, and fully-funding Indiana’s public schools.

“Well-funded public schools. Revitalized infrastructure. Good-paying union jobs. Affordable childcare and health care. Indiana Democrats are determined to deliver for Hoosier families, because these kitchen-table issues can create a brighter future for Indiana and the communities we call home. Democratic elected leaders are proud of this record and look forward to running on these values during this year’s state and federal elections. Even so, more must be done to ensure our ‘big-tent party’ truly represents everyone,” said Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “‘The Hoosier Promise’ will be vital to Democrats and help chart Indiana’s future success. Our Party looks forward to the important policy discussions that we’ll have with supporters over the next few weeks as we travel the Crossroads of America and listen to folks directly – and craft a platform that promises a better future for every Hoosier.”

The 2022 platform process begins next month on February 10 with an opening hearing at the IBEW Hall 481 in Marion County. Additional forums are scheduled for Bartholomew and Fulton Counties on February 12 and February 26 respectively. A final statewide, online hearing will happen at the end of the month on February 28. Details for all events are forthcoming. 

Additionally, the Indiana Democrats’ platform process will coincide with the Party’s fifth statewide press tour which starts next month. Between the platform hearings and this upcoming tour, about 20 events collectively to share with voters in all regions about how Democrats stood by Hoosiers when it mattered most and delivered on the kitchen-table issues most important to voters. This record is in stark contrast to an Indiana Republican Party that prefers to prioritize divisive culture wars ahead of Hoosier families – including discrediting the #COVID19 vaccine, politicizing public schools, bullying innocent minors, and handing firearms to the wrong people. 


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