INDems Announce


INDIANAPOLIS – Eric Holcomb wants to be just like Mike Pence. But who is he really? IDP’s new website,, is the answer for you.

Click here to go to has everything you need to know about Eric Holcomb. From waiting 67 days until releasing a rehash OF Mike Pence’s failed economic policy to saying a vote for Indiana University is a vote for bestiality, there no stone left unturned on this website.

“Eric Holcomb is trying to portray himself as a common sense Hoosier, but he’s actually just as out of touch and extreme as his boss, Mike Pence,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Eric Holcomb has embraced the ideological agenda of Mike Pence and wants to continue the same policies that have led to falling wages, a sluggish state economy, and an environment where it’s OK to discriminate against LGBT Hoosiers.”


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