INDems Celebrates the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus for Leadership in Passing House Bill 1006 Out of Indiana House


HB 1006 would mandate de-escalation trainings, ban chokeholds tactics, and hold officers accountable for misusing body cameras

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus’s (IBLC) success in passing House Bill 1006, a criminal justice bill which would enforce de-escalation training for officers, ban chokeholds under certain circumstances, and criminally penalize officers who turn off body cameras to hide unlawful behavior. The bill’s passage comes after the IBLC introduced their agenda to level the playing field and provide greater opportunity for Black and Brown Hoosiers across Indiana. 

“The Black Lives Matter Movement last summer sparked an important conversation about why Indiana must do everything possible to deliver equitable opportunities for our families, including Black and Brown Hoosiers,” said John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus put this talk into action by passing House Bill 1006 yesterday, and through their hard work and leadership on this effort, Indiana is one step closer toward distributing a fair playing field for all Hoosiers, and not just a few. Pass HB 1006, Indiana State Senate.” 

However, the IBLC’s work is far from over. Earlier this month, the Black Caucus announced their legislative agenda that is forward-thinking and brings a hybrid approach of continuing the important conversations from the Black Lives Matter protests last summer. This includes measures like House Bill 1444, which would create a student support program for our Black, Brown, and underserved students at our schools. 

The Indiana Republican Party’s criminal justice agenda tells a different story. According to media reports, their legislation could be viewed as a direct response to the protests from last summer. Not to mention, this agenda is a direct contradiction of the INGOP’s “local control, small government” brand. 


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