INDems Comment on Jim Banks Endorsing Extreme Jim Jordan for Next Speaker


INDIANAPOLIS — In the wake of chaos caused by GOP members mutinying their own Speaker of the House, Republican Indiana Rep. and Senate candidate Jim Banks announced his support for far-right extremist Jim Jordan as the next Speaker. Banks’ endorsement of Jordan shows he is loyal to insurrectionists and hateful rhetoric, not Hoosiers.

Jim Jordan has an appalling record that precedes him, marked by his support of crazed conspiracy theories. After President Biden won the 2020 election, Jordan lied to the American public by spreading misinformation and orchestrating a plan to overturn legitimate election results. Jordan refused to put law and order before pandering to his base and endangered democracy with his actions.

Jordan has repeatedly berated educators and teachers. Instead of supporting public education, he has subpoenaed and tried to intimidate educators. Jordan has also supported plans to defund law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and Justice Department, which would cripple the federal prosecution of dangerous criminals and endanger Hoosier families across the state.

When a story broke about a ten-year-old rape victim seeking abortion care in Indiana, Jordan claimed the incident was fabricated. Victims of atrocious crimes should be treated with dignity and respect, not doubt and insensitivity. 

Jordan wants to see a nationwide abortion ban and a reversal of marriage equality.

Jim Jordan’s record is reprehensible, and Congressman Banks is showing he wants the GOP chaos to continue.

“Congressman Jim Jordan is a careless conspiracy theorist, an outspoken opponent of law enforcement and educators, and an enabler for harmful and divisive rhetoric. Representative Banks’ endorsement of him is telling,” Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl said. “Our country is at a pivotal crossroads and deserves leaders who listen to the needs of everyday Hoosiers and Americans. Democrats in Indiana and in Congress are leading the way and will continue to exemplify responsible leadership. That’s exactly what Democratic members did by voting to keep the government open for the American people despite GOP infighting.

“Jim Banks voted with extremists to shutdown the government, to force our troops to serve without pay, and wanted to default on our debt. He doesn’t deserve the job he’s already failing to do, let alone a promotion to the Senate.”

Hoosiers believe in the importance of respect and accountability. Members of Congress should reject the extremism of Banks and Jordan and return to the important work at hand for Indiana and the nation. 


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