INDems Continue to Get Things Done, INGOP Continues to Stoke Dangerous Culture Wars Meant to Divide Families


Indiana Republican Party prioritizes partisan agenda that’s simply irresponsible and does nothing to help Hoosier families through COVID-19

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today lambasted the Indiana Republican Party for pushing a hyper partisan agenda that is dangerous and does nothing to get Hoosiers out of COVID-19 nor build a better future for Indiana. Instead, Republicans are showing voters they are relying on an old playbook that uses misinformation and conspiracy theories to divide the state and target marginalized communities. The INGOP’s unnecessary (and dangerous) culture wars include prematurely ending Indiana’s mask mandate, voting against relief measures like the American Rescue Plan, and restricting a Hoosier’s constitutional right to vote. 

Indiana Democrats — and Hoosiers — understand this is the go-to strategy of the Indiana Repubican Party. But instead of governing by distraction, Democrats are ready to put in the work and deliver for Indiana and its families — regardless of misinformation and irresponsibility from the other side of the aisle. This means Democrats will campaign hard on President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, Indiana House Bill 1006, and the upcoming American Jobs Plan, which will create jobs in the state, rebuild Indiana’s infrastructure, and protect unions and its workers. 

Here are the receipts from both parties in 2021 (so far): 

Indiana Democrats’ ActionIndiana Republicans’ Partisanship

Passed American Rescue Plan

Passed House Bill 1006

Supports American Jobs Plan

Supported the PRO Act
Supported Increasing the Minimum Wage

Supported the Equality Act 
Ended Indiana’s Mask Mandate

Stripped Gov. Holcomb’s Emergency Powers

Opposed American Rescue Plan

Opposes American Jobs Plan

Favored Voting Rights Restrictions

Opposed to Full Public School Funding

Introduced Repeal of Firearm Permits 

Opposed Increasing Minimum Wage

Bullied Indiana’s Cities and Towns

Opposed The Equality Act 


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