INDems Have Plan to Solve High Gas Prices, Achieve Energy Independence – What is the Indiana GOP’s Plan? Nothing.


Don’t forget: Tim Lanane called for state to temporarily halt the gas tax, but the Indiana GOP said “NO”

MUST READ: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki outlines nine specifics on the nation’s oil production, why gas prices are surging across Indiana 

ICYMI: Todd Young, INGOP voted “NO” on The Jobs Act, American Rescue Plan – both laws helping Hoosiers reach energy independence 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today released the following backgrounder to illustrate President Joe Biden and Indiana Democrats’ plan to solve high gas prices and help the nation achieve energy independence. This plan includes continuing record-level production of oil and natural gas, investing in renewable energy resources (like solar), and accelerating electric auto production. Thanks to President Biden and policies in the American Rescue Plan and The Jobs Act, the opportunity for energy independence has never been closer. 

But Indiana Democrats took it a step further. To lower the state’s high gas prices right now, State Senator Tim Lanane called on the Indiana General Assembly to temporarily halt the gas tax during the 2022 legislative session. But unfortunately, the Indiana Republican Party said “NO”. Indiana Democrats support Senator Lanane’s call for the state to temporarily halt the gas tax, because the state has an existing $900 million budgeted for future infrastructure projects to make up any shortfall – all thanks to the American Rescue Plan

“Just like their criticisms over inflation, crime, and immigration, Indiana Republicans appear to be putting their partisanship ahead of actually producing a plan to solve a tough problem facing all Hoosiers. This time it’s lowering gas prices. Any policy they would introduce would take months to actually drive down the price at the pump,” said Lauren Ganapini, executive director of the Indiana Democratic Party. “Democrats are delivering solutions now. Under President Biden’s leadership, the United States reached record-levels of oil production while also passing measures to help achieve energy independence. Democrats remain focused on these kitchen-table issues, and it’s time politicians like Todd Young get serious about creating a better future for Hoosier families. It starts by putting their culture war agenda to the side.”

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Indiana Democrats’ Plan to Lower Gas Prices, Achieve Energy Independence

State Solution – Eliminate State Gas Tax

State Senator Tim Lanane: Democrats, like Sen. Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) said if the legislature is going to cut taxes, they should focus on things that will help Hoosiers struggling right now, like suspending the gas tax.

“They’re being hit hard in the pocketbook and they’re going to continue, for apparently the near future,” Lanane said. […]

Republicans nixed the idea of suspending the gas tax and noted it’s a primary funding source for infrastructure maintenance and improvement.

NOTE: “An additional $900 million of [American Rescue Plan] money was set aside for unspecified future state construction projects.” 

Biden Administration Solution – Maximizing Oil Production, Expanding Electric Vehicle Fleet, Charging Network

White House: “U.S. production of natural gas and oil is rising and approaching record levels: More natural gas than ever this year, more oil than ever next year, and, even with a global pandemic, more oil production this past year than during the previous administration’s first year.

The trendlines also point up. Oil production is up more than 700K b/d from Jan to Dec of last year, and is projected to be up more than 700K b/d from Jan to Dec this year, and to rise nearly 500K b/d to new record over the course of next year.

In fact, the U.S. was a net exporter of petroleum + petroleum products in each of the last two years, and will be a net exporter of natural gas for years to come.”

The Jobs Act: Indiana will receive more than $100 million to help expand Governor Holcomb’s existing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network.

Biden Administration: “Biden seeks to make half of new U.S. auto fleet electric by 2030” 

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Indiana Republicans’ Plans to Lower Gas Prices, Achieve Energy Independence: Nothing

INGOP Calls to Restore Keystone XL

Mike Braun: We must take measures like reopening the Keystone Pipeline and restore America’s energy independence.

Jim Banks: It’s common sense that Joe Biden must immediately end his ban on new gas production on federal land and reinstate the Keystone XL permit. Easy to see at this point though he really doesn’t care if you’re gas prices go up even more.

Jackie Walorski: Here’s what we need to do right now to make America safer & stronger: 

➡️End the Biden Admin war on American-made energy & rescind Biden’s radical anti-energy executive orders

➡️Restart Keystone Pipeline 

➡️Restore U.S. energy independence 

➡️Pursue Peace through Strength

FACT CHECK: “Many critics point to Biden’s decision on the Keystone XL pipeline as fueling the gas price spike, but experts say there’s no such connection.

The extension of the Keystone pipeline, first proposed in 2008 by TC Energy based in Calgary, Canada, was rejected by former President Barack Obama in November 2015 but later approved by Trump in March 2017 . Biden then suspended the project in January. And on June 9, TC Energy announced it was terminating the project.

Even if construction wasn’t halted, the Keystone XL pipeline wasn’t in operation and therefore wouldn’t have an impact on current gas prices, said Finley of Rice University.

“That was something that would impact down the road,” he said. 

David Dismukes, economist and executive director of Lousiana State University’s Center for Energy Studies, agreed, telling USA TODAY the pipeline would have had a “longer-run impact in providing a diversity of supply for refineries in the Gulf Coast.” – USA Today

INGOP Plan to Lower Gas Prices



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