INDems: Indiana GOP Putting Extremist Agenda on Abortions Ahead of Fixing State’s F-Rated Quality of Life Rating


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today issued the following statement from Chairman Mike Schmuhl after the Indiana Republican Party formally announced their plans to pursue their extreme agenda to ban access to legal and safe abortions across Indiana: 

“Governor Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Republican Party have proven throughout this entire process (so far) that their extremist agenda to ban abortion access comes before the economic future of Hoosier families. They have delayed sending families relief checks on three occasions to help them combat global inflation and have failed to produce any legitimate plans to solve the state’s F-rated quality of life rating earned under the Indiana GOP’s 18-year control.

Hoosiers will now bear witness to a special session where the Indiana GOP will use taxpayer dollars to force women and children to give birth and take away their American-right to make their own health care decisions. A politician has no business being in an exam room with a person and their doctor, and this proposal is no doubt a violation of privacy. Indiana Republicans’ own polling reveals Hoosiers do not want them to pass extremist proposals, and if they shove this regressive legislation through the statehouse, Republicans will once again ignore the will of voters and endanger women and girls’ lives in the process.” 


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