INDems Launch “Indiana Republicans = Bad for Business, Bad for Workers” Effort for 2022 State and Midterm Elections


ICYMI: Indiana Chamber provides “strong opposition” to INGOP’s partisan crusade against COVID-19 vaccines

INGOP opposed investments in broadband, roads/bridges, clean water, and Governor Holcomb’s READI program – calling it “socialism” 

INGOP’s partisan culture wars on the state’s economy, COVID-19, public education, and Black Hoosiers has invalidated the “State that Works” PR brand

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today announced its new effort to highlight how Indiana continues to fall behind the rest of the nation and all due to the Indiana Republican Party’s extreme partisanship. This effort called “Indiana Republicans = Bad for Business, Bad for Workers” will highlight the Republicans’ troubling record that has stunted the economic opportunity for the state, underpaid and undervalued Hoosier workers, and produced unnecessary culture wars that have divided communities across Indiana. The campaign will also feature Indiana Republicans saying “NO” to creating jobs and investments on broadband, roads/bridges, clean water, childcare, public schools, state tourism, and Governor Holcomb’s READI program’ – despite campaigning on the very issues themselves. Instead, Republicans’ extreme partisanship now calls these investments “socialism”. 

“Indiana Republicans have attacked businesses, made Hoosiers work more for less money, created unnecessary culture wars against Indiana’s cities, defunded Indiana’s public schools and law enforcement, and considered investments like broadband, roads, bridges, and clean water as ‘socialism’. This partisanship is as extreme as it can get, and it’s an agenda that has to stop,” said Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “Indiana Democrats have seen enough and we’re ready to go on offense to defend the future that’s being created for Hoosier families through the American Rescue Plan and The Jobs Act. Indiana Republicans are simply bad for business and workers, and until they are held accountable, they will diminish the real potential of the Hoosier State.” 

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce just last week issued a “strong opposition” to Republicans’ crusade against the COVID-19 vaccine, which included making the state’s business community foot the bill for any testing for a workplace. Further, the Chamber announced their endorsement of President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure and Jobs Act, which will bring transformative investments for Indiana’s infrastructure system – including in broadband, roads and bridges, electric vehicles, and clean water supply. The entire Indiana Republican Party said “NO” to the legislation, calling it “socialism”. The INGOP’s recent record alone makes them the Party that’s bad for business and the economic future of Indiana. 

The Indiana Democratic Party and its elected leaders will take this message to Hoosiers in all counties and regions of the state for the 2022 state and midterm elections. In contrast, Democrats will highlight how they delivered a better future for Hoosier families when it mattered the most. This includes passing the American Rescue Plan and The Jobs Act, two once-in-a-generation laws that delivered COVID-19 vaccines in arms, relief to all 92 counties, fully-funded the state’s public school system, and key investments in broadband, childcare, tourism, roads and bridges, and clean water across Indiana. 

Background Information: 20 Reasons Why Indiana Republicans = Bad for Business

Indiana Republicans…

  1. Opposed the American Rescue Plan, which provided economic relief to Indiana’s 92 counties
  1. Proposed legislation to make Indiana’s businesses pay for COVID-19 testing for its workers, a reversal from federal guidelines 
  1. Shipped “good jobs” out of Indiana and replaced them with low-wage jobs
  1. Created a “work more for less” economy where about 892,000 Hoosiers earn $15.00 an hour or less
  1. Created an “F” rated workforce
  1. Voted “NO” to fund Governor Eric Holcomb’s READI program
  1. Bullied and targeted Indianapolis and other large cities during 2021 Indiana General Assembly legislative session
  1. Voted to “NO” to fund first responders and local law enforcement agencies
  1. Booed and Heckled Indiana’s Black Legislative Caucus during 2021 legislative session
  1. Opposed COVID-19 vaccine requirements at college and universities – despite approving similar requirements in 2017.
  1. Denied full funding for Indiana’s public schools for more than a decade

NOTE: The American Rescue Plan solved this. 

  1. Refused to give Indiana’s educators a pay raise – even after wasting taxpayer dollars with an education commission

NOTE: The American Rescue Plan solved this. 

  1. Created a “D+” rated state public education system
  1. Voted “NO” on $350 million to expand broadband internet access across Indiana
  1. Voted “NO” on $540 million to start solving Indiana’s childcare crisis
  1. Voted “NO” on $5.6 million for state tourism efforts 
  1. Voted “NO” on $7 billion for repairs to Indiana’s roads and bridges
  1. Voted “NO” on $751 million to revitalize Indiana’s water infrastructure system
  1. Voted “NO” on $100 million to expand Governor Holcomb’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network
  1. Voted “NO” on $680 million for updated public transportation systems in Indiana’s big cities


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