INDems send masks, staffing memo addendum to Rokita campaign


Will Rokita agree to wearing a mask?

INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday, after an event where hardline conservative Attorney General candidate Todd Rokita appeared repeatedly without a mask, the Indiana Democratic Party shipped the Rokita campaign surgical masks and an update to the former Congressman’s eight-page staffing memo. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody believed it was a step toward protecting staffers’ health.

“Todd Rokita has made a career of putting himself first. He’s either too selfish or stubborn to accept the public health benefits that come with wearing a simple mask,” said Zody. “Just because their boss doesn’t trust the science doesn’t mean Rokita staffers have to put their health at risk.”

The care package comes after Rokita was captured at an event well within the six feet of social distance public health experts recommend and posed multiple times without a mask. Zody wondered if Rokita had pulled “a Holcomb,” and left his mask in the car, or simply refuses to wear a mask.

“I’m calling on Todd Rokita to commit to a simple step in fighting the spread of COVID-19 and agree to wear a mask,” said Zody. “Yes or no Todd, will you commit to wearing a mask? If we can’t count on Todd Rokita to do something as simple as wearing a mask, how can we trust him to protect the health care of 2.7 million Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions?”



  • Todd Rokita (TER) might be too selfish or politically disinclined to accept the science that supports wearing a simple mask, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one.

Mask Tips:

  • When chauffeuring TER, simply refer to the mask as a device to reduce unwanted conversation or ‘chit chat’.
  • Store this box of masks in an inconspicuous place in TER’s car. DO NOT place them in the Football.
  • When blocking TER from a tracker, ensure six (6) feet of social distance between the tracker, yourself, AND TER. Remind the tracker of the importance of social distancing if they encroach. We’re all in this together. Except Todd.


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