INDems Statement Celebrating National Ag Day


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today released the following statement by Chairman Mike Schmuhl in celebration of National Ag Day, the annual event honoring the impact and future the agriculture community has on the nation and the Hoosier State: 

“Agriculture touches every single one of Indiana’s 92 counties, and our state’s economic, cultural, and overall future is not possible without a robust and thriving agricultural community. Indiana farmers contribute about $31 billion annually to the state, and Democrats know the state cannot reach its full potential unless rural communities and Hoosier farmers are thriving. It is imperative for elected leaders in government to always look after the folks who serve in an industry that sustains the lives and livelihoods of our state and nation. 

This very fact is why Democrats are committed to reach every Hoosier where they are, in communities small, medium, and large. This especially includes Indiana’s ag community, and it’s why I tapped Kent Yeager to be a Deputy Chair for Rural Communities and how leaders like Democratic Congressional candidate Ray McCormick joined the State Party for its successful ‘Small Town, Indiana’ tour where Democrats celebrated how we are delivering for rural Indiana. It’s been Democrats who have secured transformational investments to every county and for utilities critical for maximized growth in the state’s agriculture industry. This includes investing $7 billion to make our roads and bridges compliant for our combines and tractors, using more than $350 million to expand broadband access in our small towns, and delivering economic assistance to all 92 counties during COVID-19. Democrats secured this better future for Indiana’s farmers in every corner of our state.

Democrats will continue to be champions of Indiana’s farmers, their families, and the rural communities they are proud to call home. Every Hoosier voter deserves a more competitive and balanced political landscape in the Hoosier State—and we want to offer that choice. Democrats are creating a brighter future for this state, and it’s a record our leaders will campaign on for election years to come.” 

– Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party


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