INDems Statement Celebrating U.S. Senate Passing Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, Without Todd Young and Mike Braun


Elements of American Jobs Plan – including extensive broadband investment – included in the bipartisan infrastructure deal, now heads to the U.S. House 

INDems Chairman Schmuhl: “U.S. Senator Todd Young got cold feet when it mattered most and instead chose to support extreme partisanship over helping Hoosier families build a better future.”

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today issued the following statement to celebrate the U.S. Senate passing the first elements of President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan. Under the proposed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Hoosier families will see better and stronger roads and bridges, a modernization of public transit, and a greater expansion on broadband internet access – which is an additional investment following the initial $250 million via the American Rescue Plan. Despite voting for a $2.3 trillion tax cut for big corporations and America’s richest in 2017 – which was immediately added to the national debt – U.S. Senator Todd Young backed away from his previous commitment on bipartisan deal to side with the extreme partisan wing of the Indiana Republican Party:

“When Joe Biden was sworn in as President, he promised Americans and Hoosiers that he would tell it straight and work across the aisle to form bipartisan coalitions to solve some of the most pressing problems facing our country. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act accomplishes this very goal as it yet again demonstrates that when good-faith partners come to the table, investments on issues like broadband internet, roads and bridges, and public transit can be delivered to the voters when partisanship takes a back seat.  People have yearned for teamwork from our state and federal governments in recent years. Unfortunately, U.S. Senator Todd Young got cold feet today when it mattered most and, instead, chose to support extreme partisanship over helping all Hoosier families build a better future. 

The bipartisan infrastructure deal is yet another promise kept by President Biden, and Indiana Democrats look forward to the U.S. Senate passing the remainder of the American Jobs Plan so that Hoosier families will have access to affordable childcare, the state’s 409,000 veterans can receive state-of-the-art health care, and Indiana’s economy can finally rid itself from the ‘work more for less’ system created by the Indiana Republican Party. It’s our hope some Indiana Republicans will join Democrats in this once-in-a-generation effort, but we’re ready to go it alone if it means creating a better tomorrow for Indiana and its families.” – Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party 


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