INDems Statement Commemorating Veterans’ Day


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today issued the following statement by Chairman Mike Schmuhl to commemorate Veterans’ Day and honor the sacrifices and service of Hoosiers who proudly defended the freedoms of the United States of America across the nation and overseas: 

“The United States of America is a nation of freedom – freedom of speech, the press, and a better way of life for all families who call it home. Americans rely on the service and bravery of servicemembers who are willing to step up and protect our nation’s values across the country and around the world. The Indiana Democratic Party asks Hoosiers to pause for a moment and reflect on the dedication and sacrifices of the many individuals — many of them Hoosiers — who bravely defended the freedoms we enjoy each day — and those who are serving today. 

We must also take stock of how the nation is looking after our veterans the moment they return home from their service. For Indiana, this means ensuring our state and nation delivers state-of-the-art services – like health care – to the more than 409,000 veterans who call Indiana home. It’s imperative for all elected public servants to invest in the lives and well-being of those who defended the freedoms and privileges we have as Americans.” 

– Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party


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