INDems Statement on President Biden’s Reelection Campaign Announcement


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party today issued the following statement on President Joe Biden’s announcement that he is running for reelection in 2024:

“Over the past couple of years, President Biden’s accomplishments have led to tremendous progress for our country, and for Indiana. Unemployment rates are near record lows, we’re witnessing a renewal of American and Hoosier manufacturing, and billions of dollars of private investment is flooding into our state. 

President Biden’s leadership is pivotal at this moment. American personal freedoms – once considered established and sacred – are now under assault. Women’s rights, voting rights, civil rights, and marriage rights are all on the line as we work to bring together a polarized country. 

While Republicans look to roll back our personal freedoms, gin up one conspiracy after another, and narrow our already fragile American democracy, President Biden and Democrats are focused on rebuilding the middle class, creating new jobs, and protecting and expanding our fundamental rights. As President Biden said in his announcement, ‘it’s time to finish the job.’”

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman Mike Schmuhl 


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