INDems Statement on President Biden’s State of the Union Address


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today released the following statement by Chairman Mike Schmuhl after President Joe Biden concluded his first State of the Union Address to Americans across the nation and Hoosiers across Indiana: 

“President Joe Biden promised Americans from the start of his presidency that he would tell it straight and provide an opportunity for families to have a brighter future than they once had. And true to his word, President Biden was honest about this truth about the state of our nation: Families across our country have been struggling. The battle against COVID-19 has led to once-in-a-lifetime challenges for people of all ages, businesses, and schools in our communities. The American Rescue Plan and The Jobs Act are providing pathways to get us through these tough times, and the President – as well as Democrats – are committed to doing the work that’s necessary to create this better future. 

Indiana Democrats have been championing this approach across the state. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, cities like Indianapolis are ‘super-funding’ efforts to combat crime. Democrats are creating jobs, fully-funding the state’s regional economic development programs, revitalizing critical infrastructure systems, expanding broadband internet access, providing educators with pay raises, and funding public schools at levels not seen in over a decade. Democrats are delivering on the kitchen-table issues that matter most to people, and Democrats are ready to solve further challenges facing Hoosier families in all 92 counties in the months and years ahead. 

Now is the time to solve critical issues like inflation, and Democrats are set to answer this challenge once more. More than 56 economists have confirmed the Build Back Better Act and the COMPETES Act would combat inflation and drive down high costs for Hoosiers. Democrats are crisscrossing Indiana to sell this strong economic agenda, because while challenges still exist, Hoosiers families should have faith there are brighter, more prosperous days ahead – thanks to the work accomplished by President Joe Biden and Democrats.” 

– Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party


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